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We’ve done the hard work for you.

Buying a house from a homeowner to flip it and make a profit is hard work. You want to buy it for a low enough price so you can truly invest in making it better before you sell it again or rent it. Many homeowners, though, aren’t willing to drop their asking price as low as you need it, leading to long, drawn-out negotiations. Sometimes purchases fall through and you’re left looking for another investment property to fill the void. You might also be responsible for paying the sellers’ agent fees and rack up other hidden costs.

When you buy from us, we’ve already done all of that hard work for you. We’ve found properties with great locations and we are ready to sell them to you. There’s no emotion involved like there are when you buy from a previous owner, so you can count on a fast, clean business transaction.

We can offer you a great price.

We offer special rates for our fellow home investors. Fill out our contact form to inquire further about this.

We have what you’re looking for.

Whether you want to buy a fixer upper to flip or a turnkey property to rent out, we’ve got it. As local property investors ourselves, we buy homes in any condition. We will personally flip some of the homes so that you can purchase a turnkey house and begin to rent it out for a profit. If you want to buy a fixer upper from us to flip yourself, you can easily do that too.

We work with pros and novices.

If this is your first time purchasing an investment property, you can feel confident that you are buying from a reputable company and you don’t have to get involved in any messy negotiations with the sellers. If you’re buying a property directly from the homeowner, you can’t trust everything they say. When you buy from us, you know that our business reputation depends on your satisfaction which is why we’ll always be upfront about any problems that we know of with the property. You can’t necessarily depend on that level of assurance from homeowners.

Additionally, if you regularly buy and flip houses and this isn’t your first real estate investment rodeo, then you can count on us to cut out the middlemen and make the process fast and efficient so you can turn a profit as soon as possible. Finding and buying homes is a full-time job in and of itself. If you are trying to make a profit as a real estate investor, then working with a home buying company in Dallas can save you time and money.

DFW is booming.

Dallas-Fort Worth is booming right now. Zillow ranked the real estate market as number 7 on their list of the 10 Hottest Markets for 2019 and that trend is expected to continue thanks to the large amount of job growth in the area.

This means that finding renters or buyers for your property likely will be a cinch, especially if you know what and where to buy (we can help you with this part).

Whether you live here yourself or you are looking for properties to buy in Dallas-Fort Worth to capitalize on the growing market, you can count on The Home Buying Company to provide you with the insight you need to purchase in the right areas.

Investment Property DFW

Your Options With The Home Buying Company

We mentioned this briefly above, but there are two main paths home investors can take when purchasing investment properties from The Home Buying Company. Of course, there is always some middle ground. That said, the two main routes are to either purchase a turnkey property that our team has already renovated or to buy a fixer upper. We’ll discuss both options below.

Invest In A Renovated Property

This is a great option for those investing in property for the first time. While shows on HGTV make it look easy to buy and flip properties, in reality, it is an expensive industry to get into and is plagued with a lot of stress and hard work. Often times, those who buy homes to flip become bogged down with the mortgage payments while dealing with delayed renovation timelines and they quickly realize they are in over their heads.

If this is your first time investing in property, buying an already renovated home is a great way to buy a rent-ready property. The sooner you can rent out your investment property, the sooner you will have your mortgage payments covered through your tenant’s rent.

Because you’re buying a renovated home from a property investment company, you will likely be able to get a better price than if you buy through an individual homeowner or flipper. This is not only because our initial purchase price was low, but also because we have connections in the industry that allow us to renovate properties within a small budget, allowing us to pass those savings down to you.

Buying a pre-renovated property is also a good option for those who simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of renovating the home themselves. If flipping homes isn’t your full-time job, it can be difficult to find time to update a home to make it move-in ready. An already-renovated home cuts out the time, effort, and money you would have spent doing it yourself.

Buy A Fixer Upper

If you do want to be more hands-on with your investment property, then purchasing a fixer upper from us is the ideal way to do that. That way, you can decide exactly how much money you want to invest in the property and also update it to look exactly how you want. If you are trying to reach a wide audience, you can decide to keep the design simple. If you want to target a specific niche so you can ask more from renters or buyers, then you have the freedom to design it to meet those standards.

Because we can offer homeowners cash on the spot for their properties, we often get them at a great rate because there are no long waiting periods or real estate agent fees. This means we can pass on the savings directly on to you. So, not only have we reduced your upfront workload by finding and buying the properties off of the homeowners, but we can also get it to you at a cheaper price than if you had bought it directly.

Looking To Buy A Turnkey Property Or A Fixer Upper

Why Choose Us

We know the Dallas-Fort Worth area inside and out. We know which properties will be profitable, which neighborhoods are booming, and what homeowners are looking for. This means that we can give you the inside information whether you live in the area or not so that you can make the wisest investment decision.

We’re All Working For The Same Goal

We love the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area and enjoy making it better through our real estate investments. When we can take old, run-down homes off of homeowners’ hands and make them into something beautiful, the entire neighborhood improves. Those homeowners no longer have to deal with the financial burden of having an unwanted home and we obtain a new piece of property that we can improve. Not only does this make our hometown a little nicer, but it also boosts the local real estate market, making anyone who invests in real estate eligible for higher profit margins. Whether we’re flipping the homes or you are, we’re both helping to improve the area and provide people with livable, beautiful homes.

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Real estate investment can be very profitable when you know what you’re doing and utilizing all of your resources. At The Home Buying Company, we want to be one of those resources for you.

By buying property from us, you can rest easy knowing you are getting the best price on properties that have a ton of potential to turn profits.

If you are interested in investing in property in DFW, we want to help. Reach out to us by phone or fill out our contact form, let us know you’re an investor, and we’ll work with you to find the properties you’re looking for at a great price.