The Home Buying Company is your Dallas/Ft Worth area property investors serving Mesquite and all of Dallas County. Our goal is to help homeowners who are dealing with the burden of an unwanted property get rid of their house fast. By offering cash for houses in Mesquite, you can sell your home fast and without the hassle.

Why Choose A Cash-For-Home Company

Perhaps the main reason homeowners choose to work with The Home Buying Company is simply to avoid the hassle that accompanies selling a home in a more traditional way (though, frankly, we’d imagine that a paying cash for a home is arguably more traditional than working with a real estate agency). From high commission fees that your agent will collect to dealing with long escrow periods to buyers backing out to negotiations and inspections, there’s a lot of risk and “what ifs” when selling your home with a real estate agent.

Our goal is to avoid all of the hassles and get money in your pocket as quickly as possible without the runaround and waiting periods. Whether you are attempting to avoid foreclosure, inherited a home you simply do not want, or have been trying to sell a less-than-desirable home with no luck, we’re here for you.

Here’s How Our Mesquite Cash-For-Home Company Works

When you first come to us with a property you want to sell, you will start by filling out our contact form or getting in touch with us by phone. We’ll schedule an initial consultation and home inspection within 24-hours so we can get a better look at the house. Then, our Mesquite home buyers will provide you with a cash offer.

If you do not like our offer, you are under no obligation to accept it. However, we are known for giving truly fair offers to those looking to sell a home fast. If you accept our offer, we’ll do a title review and work on closing the deal. We almost always close within seven days unless there are some unforeseen circumstances. That means if you get in touch with us today, you could have cash in your hand within a week. Those who have been dealing with a burdensome property for too long understand why our quick turnaround times are a breath of fresh air.

Contact Your Cash-For-Homes Company In Mesquite Today!

The sooner you reach out to us for a no-obligation offer, the sooner you can finally get rid of that home that’s weighing you down and start fresh. Put the past behind you and get a fair cash offer for your home today!

Not in Mesquite? No worries! We serve a huge area around Dallas/Ft Worth! Give us a call and we’ll get to work!