Selling your home in Irving, Texas doesn’t have to be a hassle. When you need to sell your house fast, call The Home Buying Company. With over 15 years of experiencing buying homes for cash, we have helped hundreds of homeowners in the greater Dallas/Ft Worth area get rid of trouble properties or unwanted homes fast.

Why Sell A House For Cash?

When you add up the financial and emotional stress of selling a home with a real estate agent, you’ll see why people would want to sell a house for cash in Irving. After long escrow periods, buyers backing out at the last minute, home repair negotiations, and of course, a hefty commission fee for your agent, getting rid of a house seems to be more trouble than actually buying one.

When you work with The Home Buying Company, you avoid all of the stress and runaround. To get started, send us a message or give us a call and tell us a little bit about your property. Then, we’ll schedule an initial consultation and home inspection so our property investors can see the house in person. We buy houses in any condition, so whether it’s newly renovated or covered in mold, we’ve seen it all.

After we get a chance to look at the property, we’ll provide you with a fair cash-for-home offer. At this point, you can either walk away or accept the offer. When you reach out for an offer, you are under no obligation to accept, meaning you have nothing to lose by getting in touch with us.

If you choose to accept our offer, we’ll gather all the paperwork and close the deal — usually within seven days. That means you can contact us today, get an offer tomorrow, and have cash in your hand and a burdensome property off of your shoulders by this time next week.

Experience Financial Freedom By Selling Your House Fast

For those who are facing foreclosure, throwing money into a problem property, or who just inherited a home they cannot afford, the thought of being able to get a home off of your hands in a week is a breath of fresh air. That’s our goal; offering homeowners the financial freedom that comes with selling a home fast in Irving.

Get rid of that burden once and for all by contacting The Home Buying Company. Based out of Dallas, Texas, we serve a huge area around DFW and would love to chat about how we can help you. Whatever your reason is for needing cash for your home, we’re here for you.