Foreclosure is one of the most emotionally trying things a homeowner can go through. Foreclosure notices typically arise after three missed payments on your mortgage.

The foreclosure process can be long, sometimes taking a year or more. During this process, your lender can attempt to sell your home in a foreclosure sale to repay the remaining balance of your loan. You can try to beat them to this and avoid the negative consequences of foreclosure by selling your home for cash and settling your outstanding balance by either paying off the full amount or negotiating with your lender for a short sale. While you won’t own your house or your equity any longer, you can give yourself a fresh financial start without taking a major ding to your credit score that could take years or decades to repair.

To attempt to bring an end to the foreclosure process fast, make sure you choose cash home buyers that are committed to excellent service and speedy closings.

When you work with The Home Buying Company, we’ll make a fast and fair cash offer on your home. If you accept, we can typically close within seven days or less. That means you can have your lender off of your back by this time next week.

Our cash home buying process is incredibly simple and straightforward. First, reach out to us using the contact form on this page or by giving us a call. Tell us a little bit about your home and we’ll schedule an initial consultation and inspection. Then, we’ll make you an offer. If you accept, we’ll close fast so you can get a money-draining property off of your hands and get on with your life.

Foreclosure is never fun. We understand that. Our team wants to work with you to provide you the solution you need when you are trying to sell your home fast and avoid foreclosure.

Contact The Home Buying Company today to discuss your cash for home options to avoid foreclosing on your home.