Inheriting a home can be a blessing and a curse. If the home has been kept in good condition, you might be able to rent it out to cover the ongoing mortgage payments. This can allow you to keep the home until it is paid off before deciding what to do with it.

However, it is not unusual to inherit a home that is in need of a few major repairs. Perhaps your relative who passed the home on to you never fixed that roof leak and now you are looking at roof repairs as well as mold mitigation. Maybe the house has outdated electrical wiring and cannot be rented out without fixing it first.

If you have inherited a home and you are unsure how you will pay to keep it, it might be best to sell your inherited home quickly before any major expenses are due. If the home you have inherited is not in the city or state you currently reside in, it might also be easiest to let it go rather than traveling back and forth to take care of the home.

That’s where we can help!

We Buy Your Home For Cash

After you have evaluated that you cannot afford to keep the home or you have decided that you simply do not want it, give The Home Buying Company a call.

As your Dallas cash home buyers, we will provide you with a fair cash offer on your newly inherited home. If you accept, we are typically able to close in less than seven days. There are no closing fees, no real estate agent compensation, no waiting periods, and no hassle.

This is likely a difficult decision for you and dealing with the financial stress of inheriting a home in addition to the emotional stress of losing a loved one puts a lot of weight on your shoulders. Our goal is to help you relieve some of that stress by taking this burdensome property off of your hands so you can move forward with your life.

Contact your Dallas cash-for-home company today to get started.